Get $60 credit from Tiger Direct just for calling!

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Apr 3, 2012
I just called TD about a pricing error on their site and they told me about a deal where I would get a $20 certificate just for calling and another certificate for $20 by agreeing to give the $1 for the "Everyday Privileges Gold" membership and yet another $20 for a $1 payment for the "Buyers Advantage" membership. Total is $2 if I call back and cancel within 30 days. If I don't cancel I get billed $16.99 / month for these memberships. If I cancel within 30 days I keep the 3 $20 certificates and am only out the $2.

It sounded like a good deal to me.

[FONT=&quot]Anyone have any experience with this offer?

Your other six posts (so far) indicate that you may not be a spammer, but this seems like a sketchy non-Hot Deal at best. Please limit your threads to straightforward, legitimate deals on merchandise.

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