Geo metro on Foxnews in Highspeed L.A. chase

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Jan 10, 2001

<< I have a 96 4 cyl sedan with a 5 speed, sure, i know its slower than a 2.2 Cav. (just for reference) but i get over 40 mpg with it, and running 65 to 70 (legal speeds) on freeways it handles that just fine, most i have pushed it too was 90+ mph. And that wasnt hard to do, sure it was a level road i grant you. But i dont drive like a teenage maniac anyway.Open highway driving you cant tell it from any other small car, except it handles a lot better than older small cars, front and rear sway bars make a lot of difference too, and passing a on coming tractor trailor at highway speeds, you can hardly feel it. Stong head winds a bit more, but what can you expect from a 1,900 pound car.For reference, i have a Corolla with a auto tranny and a 1.5 Metro runs just as good, its smooth, its very quiet inside for a small car, almost equal to my sons 92 Cav. or my daughters 95 Tracer Trio in quietness. Plus power steering, power ABS brakes, air con. Flame if you want, i like it, no i wouldnt race other rice rockets made today with it( but id love to ram it up those rice rockets oversize loud fart box mufflers!) any more than i would a 71 Charger with a 440,(which i used to own) its not meant for that, nor are our highways, but for a small gas saving car,its not bad. Run from Police in one? not hardly unless its a road across the desert.. There are two things i surely wish Police would crack down on, first, those who in a 55 just have to go 65 if you are going 55, have to pass "just to be in front of you" and second, those who tailgate, they are the stupidest people from a safety stand point you can have, and seems like nowdays its about 90% of the cars on the road that do this, i drive 100 miles a day 5 days a week, i put up with so many idoits i swear i hope if one ever makes me wreck,the cops are there quick to contain me,guess this has turned into a rant, cant help it. New poll: how many tickets and accidents in the whole time you have been driving,ill start, been driving since 1973, one ticket, one fender bender in town.. >>

paragraphs, please.