General thoughts on durability of 'creator' or high-end gamer laptops?


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Mar 26, 2022
Hi All,

I'm in the market for a new laptop for 3d modeling/game development. My last 2 machines have been HP workstations: An 8770w and a Zbook 17 with Quadros. They were both tanks and I never had an issue we either. I went the workstation route because I wanted the Quadro for Maya.

In recent years, I have switched over from Maya to Blender and I can now happily use a gaming graphics card. This opens up a world of laptop choices at MUCH cheaper prices. I just wonder how durable a more 'creator' focused laptop is compared to what I'm used to. My wife has a fancy-looking Asus zenbook laptop and the keycap paint started wearing off within a year. I didn't even know that some keycaps were painted like that. And her previous Yoga laptop had issues with the display dropping out when she moved the hinge. These are the sorts of things I never dealt with with my laptops. My ancient 8770w still looks as good as new.

So, I guess my question is about these 'creator' laptops that have been coming out lately. Something like the Asus ProArt. They use Ryzens/i9s and RTXs instead of Xeons and Quadros, which obviously saves a ton of money. Some are mil-spec rated and often have aluminum/magnesium chassis. I would just find the something like keycap degradation totally intolerable. Any thoughts from former workstation users like myself?
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