Gelid GC-Extreme 10G tube - $13.10 (plus ~$4.50 shipping for 1, ~$6.50 shipping for 2)


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Oct 10, 2005
GC Extreme is one of the highest performing pastes and in addition is one of, if not the highest physical stability/longevity paste. Years later it appears physically identical and performs identically to brand new (from my own empirical testing).

The official Gelid store has 10G tubes for $16, and a 15% discount is auto-applied at checkout. It's a small shipping fee e-packet from Hong-Kong, around $4.50 for one or $6.50 for two.

If you need quantity of paste and want something top tier (extra top tier for longevity) this is a no-brainer.

I had an old-style 10G tub of it from about 6 years ago and it was in perfect condition. No running, separation, or any visible change to it. In addition, I've had it on heatsinks for 5+ years and inspected it upon removal to see it remains in perfect condition despite heat and heatcycling.

I'm in for two. Should take care of my needs for the next 5+ years.
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May 4, 2000
I've read good things about their paste over the years. However, I was looking at the images in the link you provided above, and I love their disclaimer on the back of the package (under the temperature results chart).

"In no event shall GELID Solutions Ltd, it's directors or employees be liable for any indirect damages, incidental or consequential damages arising from any defect, error or improper use of this product".

Of course of the odds of receiving defective paste from them would be extremely unlikely, but I just got a kick out of the thoroughness of their disclaimer. :p


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Aug 11, 2016
Gelid? "Now that's the name I've not heard for a long time."

It was an alternative to the mighty MX4 but I couldn't find them anymore in the last 3 years.


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Sep 28, 2005
Gelid is ok stuff... its close to shin etsu tim...

its not too runny, and not too thick, and wont leave etch marks like ic diamond.
But if your into getting a serious paste, id honestly look at Prolimatech Pk series.... its 99% of the time what i use, unless its for fast quick test mounts without thermal accuracy, then i use the cheapo MX-2 30g stuff i got from amazon a long time ago on sale for 15 dollars.