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GeForce3 or Ti500???


Senior member
Jun 9, 2001
I am in the process of buidling a new system and now need to order the video card. The machine is strictly for games and lan parties. I was dead set on ordering a Ti500 but after seeing anand's latest review with the 8500, I was paying particular attention to the differences between GF3 and Ti500. The differences didn't seem that noticable and the price I am looking at for Ti500 is the 300-330 range. Haven't priced GF3 at all yet but wanted to get some opinions as to what you all thought. Input is apprecieated. Thanks.


Diamond Member
Oct 11, 1999
GF3 TI200 is the best buy IMO. The TI 500 is the fastest, but the the TI 200 is more than good enough for most current games and games in the near future. Games like Doom 3 in the far future will require a faster card than a TI500, so the TI 500 is an overkill for today games, but still not good enough for games in the future.