GeForce 4 Go vs Radeon 7500 Mobility???


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Oct 9, 1999
I've been looking for a high end laptop and I'm not sure what video chip to get. This is the MOST important factor (since it is the most un-upgradable). It will be used for 3D games. I just don't know which is better? My instincts say the ATI is probably a lot better given my experience with ATI and Nvidia (which has been the opposite of most people's).

Anyone know how them compare performance wise? Driver stability wise? Anything else I should know about? Also, how much does the amount of video memory matter? Is it worth it to spend $100 on 64MB of VRAM instead of 32MB?


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Jun 27, 2001
The ATI card will net you about a 4000 3dmark score while the GeForce4Go will get you 5 thousand on a P3 1.2Ghz. The NVidia card is the newest of the two.

The ATI is going to run a little cooler, but companies have been creative when dealing with it. For example, Dell uses a heat pipe to spread out the heat, and route it away from the keyboard.

Here is the GeForce4Go vs Radeon 7500 Article

Here is an older Radeon 7500 vs GeForce2Go

If you plan on running Linux, it would lean you to NVidia since they offer much better Linux Driver support.


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Aug 8, 2001
I would guess that the GF4 Go is the faster of the two, simply because it is significantly newer. However, the 7500 mobility did put quite a hurting on the GF2 Go. The GF4 probably runs hotter and drains your batteries more too. I would find some performance comparisons that are a little more in depth than just 3DMark scores before I made my decision.