GeekBench scores inconsistency


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Jul 24, 2010
So i recently tried GeekBench 4 to "bench" my new setup with something else than usual stuff like Cinebench...and it actually helped to find my instabilities within my overclock, cause it would crash the computer unlike any other app. The solution turned up to be increasing AVX2/512 offsets, as apparently part of the bench use these instructions - so i did that and no more crashes, me being satisfied.

So satisfied, that i actually did not even bother to check whether the results i got were inline with what is expected. And apparently they werent.

The other day i read the review for the new Intel NUC with the Vega graphics, and it stated the CPU inside scored around 18000 points in GeekBench 4.2. Talking about MT test obviously. I googled a bit and apparently the norm for 7700k CPU is 20000...
...meanwhile my 7940x OCed to 4,1GHz scored 35500 :-O - despite having 3,5x more cores and only slightly lower clocks.

I checked the Geekbench results page and the scores there are all over the place there too - you can find say 7960x with scores both similar to mine and then almost 60000.... surely such difference cant be attributed to overclocking... so what am i missing?


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Jan 8, 2001
A lot of guys say it is not a good representative of CPU performance, but at long as it results are repeatable it should be ok for your system CO/tweaks.

I had Geakbench3, so I installed 4.2.2 for kicks, I got 4593 single core and 13685 multi, that on 3570k@4.5ghz.

Try Asusbench as its more real world app.
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