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Gaza and Jerusalem

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Oct 24, 2020
The violence in Gaza and Jerusalem is will only end when Israel provokes the Palestinians into rioting, protesting or firing missiles into Israel and then finally ends them with its overwhelming military power.

All Binjaymin Nethanyahu has done during the time in office has been designed to elicit sympathy for Israel while his country's police, intelligence agencies and defense forces secretly and sometimes openly, imprison, torture and evict Palestinians in violation of International Law.

The latest round of violence is due to Israeli settlers claiming they have rights to property in East Jerusalem and then Israel blocking Arabs from visiting their Holy Sites in Jerusalem.

Israel conquered the West Bank and Jerusalem during the Six Day War in 1967. Before then, Jerusalem was divided, with Israel controlling Western Jerusalem and Arabs controlling the eastern portion.

The Six Day War is also when Israeli warplanes attacked a U.S. Navy intelligence ship USS Liberty, killing 24 U.S. sailors in June 1967. Most historians believe then-Prime Minister Golda Meir was fearful that then-U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson would interfere with Israel’s sneak attack against Egypt and Syria if it had known beforehand.

Israel later apologized and claimed it thought the USS Liberty was an Egyptian ship. In December 1980, Israel paid $6 million in reparations, and 13 years’ worth of interest to the U.S. for material damage.

It was Netanyahu who kept up the lies that Saddam Hussein was building a nuke and possessed other Weapons of Mass Destruction. Kinda silly when Israel’s air force destroyed Iraq’s uncompleted Osirik nuclear reactor in 1981. Iraq had no way of enriching uranium. But everyone believed Netahanyhu’s Iraqi WMD’s tale.

So, Netanyahu managed to convince the administration of George W. Bush and most of the U.S. Congress to invade Iraq in 2003. Not one pro-Israel news columnist or U.S. congressmen allowed their children on the front lines. But demanded everyone else do so.

Unfortunately, 4,424 U.S. military personnel lost their lives and thousands more were maimed in the aftermath of the invasion. No nukes or WMD’s were ever found in Iraq.

Netanyahu had blatantly lied.
This was when several global and military analysts soberly predicted that some Arab and Muslim nations would now actually try to build nukes just to protect themselves. Um, Iran is not Arabic, but definitely Islamic.

Ignoring the world’s anger, Israel has systematically enacted pass laws, erected concrete walls and relegated West Bank Arabs to non-contiguous living areas separated by areas controlled by its settlers. Just as its former ally, Apartheid South Africa, did to Blacks. And I despised Apartheid.

But Israel has been able to easily sway the U.S. Congress and Right Wing Christians with a steady stream of pro-Israel news and movies. (And as many believe, large contributions from U.S. supporters to pro-Israel congressmen). In fact, Donald Trump likened himself to the Jewish Messiah in talks with U.S. Jews and Israelis.

In defiance of international law and every treaty which called for a two-state solution and shared Jerusalem, Trump unilaterally handed over Jerusalem to the Israel. Guaranteeing years of future violence.

And in this latest round of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israel has destroyed a 14- story office building in Gaza housing Associated Press and other new outlet offices. The building also housed numerous Palestinian apartments. So, the news out of Gaza will now be restricted.

Think Netanyahu cares? Nope. He knows he’ll get away with this, too.

We already have a 7 page thread for this.

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Apr 8, 2013
How is this a new thread?

Because you wanted special attention for your own opinion? Well, it's pretty much the same as the bulk of opinions in the linked thread.
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