GASP: I decided that I like a GM car in current production

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Mar 31, 2003
To those of you questioning my "country of origin" criticisims, I give you this.

Nobody I know, (or friends of the people I know) has had a transmission problem with a slushbox in a Toyota, Subaru or Honda.
I have a hard time recalling hearing of someone with a long-in-the-tooth GM/Ford/Chrysler that didn't have SOME kind of major transmission problem in the 75k-120k mileage range.
EVERYONE I know with a VW/BMW/MB/Volvo has stupidly expensive maintanance costs which I NEVER want any part of.

I know judging a company's MT's by their AT's is sortof stupid, but it's still very disconcerting to merge an American vehicle on I-95 when the AT won't get into 4th. It's not an experience you soon forget.