Question Gaming build at 1440p


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Oct 3, 2010
I am thinking about doing a build for gaming at 1440p. I have the parts picked out, I am just after the tower and components. Already have peripherals, running gsync 27" 1440p monitor.

One thing I am kind of unsure about is the case. Thought about going with the Phanteks Enthroo Pro case which is cheaper than the Fractal case I have selected. Which one would be better for airflow or are there better options for same price or cheaper? I don't really care about having all that rgb and whatnot, I would rather have good quality vs looks. I also thought about going with an AIO cooler for the cpu but don't think I want to risk that.

Was also debating on whether to build now or wait until 40 series gpus come out. I get something in my mind, I get impatient as I am sure many are the same way.


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Jul 27, 2020

That may offer a much smoother gameplay experience due to the massive cache.

Don't worry about the warning. That mobo's BIOS can be updated without the CPU in the socket.

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Jan 27, 2022
Here's what I have in mine that runs 24x7

The XL isn't needed but the Meshify2 is worthwhile and stays at room temp. It's quite airy when it comes to airflow.

I don't game on mine but, in the past I've had GPU's in the case and that's where temp issues become issues. I've used the Phanreks options in the past and they're not the best option when dealing with higher temps. For awhile I used a chambered Node 804 in my setup with mATX for isolating the heat from the storage side which worked well to keep the drives cool <> MOBO cool.

Mesh2 idle / normal load CPU stays around ~27C and maxes out at 50C when it's processing video files.

I would reconsider the cooler / PSU as there are cheaper but just as good options. EVGA makes really good PSU's so much so I've used 2 of them and not had any issues and they come with 10-year warranties.