Gamestop//Xbox 360 Purchase gone Awry

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Dec 20, 2005
Originally posted by: DangerAardvark
C'mon, Gamestop employees don't have time to test each system that gets traded in, what with their busy schedule of discussing WOW and listlessly staring.

That's the main question that popped up for me. What the hell, someone gives you a couple hundred dollar system, you give them a hundred bucks or so and don't even bother to check it? Guess if you're out of warranty and your system starts malfunctioning, just "trade" it in to Gamestop...


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Apr 20, 2006
Every store is supposed to test every system as they get it in. For the OP's first system it probably worked fine for the 30 seconds they had it on.


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Aug 29, 2006
Your best bet is to march back into the store with your XBox wireless headset on and start screaming at the clerk about how you pwn3d his mother last night and that if he doesn't take the console back you're going to h@xx up his shit.


Jul 19, 2004
Glad to hear that some of the people there *do* care, even if it was a hassle to find those people.



Dec 18, 2001
Originally posted by: blurredvision
For everyone else, NEVER EVER EVER buy used consoles from Gamestop. When I first started working there, I was amazed at how we handled used equipment. As an employee, we basically hook it up for a total of 30 seconds to make sure it turns on and boots to a game, and we're satisfied. Couple that with poorly paid employees who don't give a crap and a highly defective system such as the 360, and you are just asking for trouble. Hell, we don't even clean the things before boxing them up. I saw a few Gamecubes that were filled with crumbs and other nasty crap in the disc tray that weren't cleaned, just shrink wrapped and shoved into a box, then put on the pile waiting to be plucked off when a customer wanted one. As far as I know, this is standard procedure at all Gamestops, not just the one I worked at.

The sole exemption, IMO, when buying used consoles from Gamestop, is if you ask for a refurbished one. This means that the unit has been sent back to the coporate hq and has been thoroughly tested and cleaned (to what extent I'm not sure, but these units ALWAYS looked much better, and I never remember having one returned). These are then shipped back to stores and are sold at the same price as regular used units. Note that all PS3s are sent back because of the possibility of porn being downloaded, so they send them back to clean off the hard drive and restore everything.

I purchased a used Xbox about 7 months the PRP on it as well. My xbox was giving me dirty disc errors (on every game, including brand new ones) and was having trouble reading discs, so i just wanted one that worked. Well, it sounded like crap, but it worked. It finally died about 2 weeks ago, RROD. So i brought it to another Gamestop and wanted to trade it in for another used xbox. They did it...figured i'd get a cleaned up xbox. Got it home, and the hard drive was full of old game saves. So much for cleaning any used system. It works, but i'll never purchase another console at Gamestop. Ever. Glad to see someone that worked there confirms the way they handle used equipment.