Gamescom Opening night


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Apr 7, 2003
Anyone else watch the Gamescom Opening night show?

Lot of world premiere trailers, but as usual, a LOT of flashy cinematics with little gameplay.

There were a few gameplay trailers that look good:

Lies of P:
#1 game of the show for me. This one was mostly cinematic, but there was a decent chunk of gameplay at the end. Steampunkish souls game.
Lies of P Official 4K Gameplay Trailer | gamescom ONL 2022 - YouTube
thankfully they also released a 12 minute gameplay video:
Lies of P - 12 Minutes of Gameplay | gamescom 2022 - YouTube

Homeworld 3:
I really enjoyed 1, never played 2. I am interested in this. Gameplay looks close to what 1 had.
Homeworld 3 Official Gameplay Trailer | gamescom ONL 2022 - YouTube

High On Life:
This has already been revealed, but they showed an extended gameplay sequence which confirmed my biggest worry about the game. It just seems VERY repetitive:
High On Life Official Boss Fight Gameplay Trailer | gamescom ONL 2022 - YouTube
Seems like the first boss, so limited arsenal. MAYBE once you get more guns it becomes more interesting.

I would probably never play this, but a very interesting idea. A tabletop miniatures games in video game form. Even has miniature painting.
Moonbreaker Official Reveal Trailer | Gamescom ONL 2022 - YouTube

Where Winds Meet. Action game set in china. Gameplay is really cut up so hard to tell how well it flows. Looks interesting.
Where Winds Meet - Official Extended Gameplay Reveal Trailer | gamescom 2022 - YouTube
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Nov 16, 2006
Homeworld 3 is the only one off that list that really has me interest piqued. Homeworld 1 was an absolute masterpiece. Homeworld 2 was kind of weird and I never beat it, it sort of felt like they were trying to make a 2D RTS and sort of crushed the 3d element that really set the series apart. The visual direction and art style was truly stunning though, the game easily holds up graphically today and honestly HW3 doesn't look that much better (unless my mind's eye is tricking me).

Based on the trailer, it will be nice if they bring back the extreme verticality, add a bit more tactical control there (being able to hyperspace with directional facing to stage ambushes), and incorporated a lot more "terrain" such as a huge dead ship in the trailer to add some spice.


Jun 30, 2003
space marine 2 is the only game i'm currently hyped about. haven't had much time to play many games otherwise


Jun 3, 2011
HW1 was a chore. I'm glad i beat it but don't really want to put myself through the same suffering again. Not saying it wasn't good, but to get to the proper ending, you need to win EVERY battle perfectly, and use the extra crafts you saved to win the next battle even more, and again and again until the game bumps up the difficulty, so you are back to square 1.


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Feb 8, 2014
I like how they kept the same aesthetic for HW3 but the graphics look somewhat underwhelming, it looks about the same as HW1/HW2 remaster. Soundtrack seems to be good though.