Games You Finished In 2021


Aug 14, 2000
Currently playing Dead Space and Titan Quest.

1     Aliens vs Predator 2010
2     Bioshock 2 HD
3     Call of Duty 2
4     Chronicles of Magic Divided Kingdoms
5     City of Thieves
6     Deathtrap Dungeon
7     Descent 3
8     Dishonored 2
9     Dishonored Outsider
10    Doom 3 BFG
11    Doom 3 Lost Mission
12    Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil
13    Doom No Rest for the Living
14    Doom Ultimate
15    Duke Nukem 3D
16    Endless Fables 2 Frozen Path
17    Endless Fables 3 Darkmoor
18    Endless Fables 4 Shadow Within
19    Eye of the Dragon
20    Family Mysteries 2 Echoes Of Tomorrow
21    Family Mysteries Poisonous Promises
22    Fear
23    Forest of Doom
24    Half life Blue Shift
25    Half life Opposing Force
26    Half-life
27    Jedi Knight
28    King's Heir Rise to the Throne
29    Lost Grimoires 3 the Forgotten Well
30    Marathon 2
31    Metro Last Light Redux
32    Morrowind
33    Nightmares from the Deep 3
34    Paranormal State Poison Spring
35    Path Of Sin Greed
36    Quake 2 Ground Zero
37    Quake 2 Reckoning
38    Quake Dimension of the Machine
39    Queen's Quest 2 Stories Of Forgotten Past
40    Queen's Quest 4 Sacred Truce
41    Resident Evil Revelations
42    Resident Evil Revelations 2
43    Rise of the Tomb Raider
44    Secret Order 8 Return to the Buried Kingdom
45    Skyland Heart Of The Mountain
46    Skyrim
47    Soldier Of Fortune 2
48    Stalker Chernobyl
49    Stalker Clear Sky
50    Timeshift
51    Titan Quest
52    Tomb Raider 2013
53    Tomb Raider Legend
54    Trial of Champions
55    Uncharted Tides Port Royal
56    Ziggurat


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Jul 15, 2003
I replayed a bunch of old stuff. Honestly dont think I beat any new games in 2021.
I'm so lame.


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Jan 29, 2005
Similarly for me, the games I've finished this year are games I had already finished 'x' number of years (or decade+) back.

The most recent one I've finished that I can think of as I type this was the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World. By "finished" in that case I only mean that I upgraded 2 of my favorite weapons to max and got all the gear sets (4 of them) that I cared for, finished the main quest, all Optional quests and... well that's about it. This year for me was overall pretty dry coming from the games that actually came out during it.

I think I do know why though, the main answer for me is: Twitch Streaming.

I actually watched full playthroughs of several games, seen the majority of them up to their respective ending. And it DOES - for me - have the effect of "Well that was fun, had my fill, no need to buy it, thank you".

Games I've watched a full playthrough of were:

- Returnal (genuinely seems fun to play, I enjoyed what I saw anyway)
- Resident Evil Village (a pretty darn good RE game, I enjoyed it more than RE7; and RE7 is another one I watched a playthrough of)
- Metroid Dread (I liked it, but I didn't watch the full 100% streams; I watched maybe 70% of it, saw the ending, that was enough)
- Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (to be honest, a VERY good game, didn't play it but it's genuinely watchable like a movie would be, I enjoyed it all and actually preferred it over the movies)

And I think that was it... I think. So yeah, didn't finish many myself but I've seen a couple to the end via streaming. To be honest though it's not like I "regret" it. I think that enjoying video games (especially ones that are mostly story-driven) from my favorite Streamers is genuinely just a new method of enjoying this form of media and entertainment. I would have derided myself if I had said that I'd do this sort of thing barely five years ago; but things change sometimes (and mindset, and mood, and just... life and people change). It saves me the money for a start, but also I realized that I have a better 'attention span' by watching a playthrough, over having to "fight" with myself to find enough willpower to resume a game that I'd have started myself. I didn't have that problem with Iceborne though, because I always loved Monster Hunter World from the start (and I did take a break of about 2 years before going back to it with Iceborne and had to re-learn everything), but the older I get the more difficult it is for me to "get into" most new games.

Which is why, ultimately, I resort to just going back to older, much simpler and straightforward video games with a more arcade'ish feel to them. They don't need to be open world all the time, they don't require me to wait for all their DLCs to come out, they aren't rushed out half-baked and broken, they don't cost me another $90 (Canadian, when they're brand new) and they don't ask a full PC upgrade to run during a time when just trying to get a new GPU is an exercise in frustration and futility. For me I think oldschool / retro gaming in the past 2 years or so has been my "main stay", and I just watch the recent releases on Streams instead.


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Jun 17, 2010
Mass Effect remaster trilogy
Demons Souls
Psychonauts 2
Crash Bandicoot 4

… think that might be it. All on my PS5, haven’t touched my PC (until a week ago when I started a Witcher 3 replay)


Jul 1, 2001
I "finished" Forza Horizon 5 about as much as you can. They have new races every week, but I already finished all of the championship capstone races and made it to the hall of fame.

Good game! I recommend getting a month of PC Game Pass and playing it!


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Jul 15, 2003
I "finished" Forza Horizon 5 about as much as you can. They have new races every week, but I already finished all of the championship capstone races and made it to the hall of fame.

Good game! I recommend getting a month of PC Game Pass and playing it!
yeah almost every Forza Horizon game is quick cuz the bare minimum is not much. Its all about the optional stuff.
I have been grinding away at every last championship in Forza Horizon 2, which is time consuming.


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Apr 3, 2001
Horizon: Zero Dawn (on PS4 though)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2 (also PS4)
Owlboy (on Switch)
Shadowrun Returns
I was close to finishing Shadowrun: Dragonfall before the year closed out, but not quite.
I am an outdoor sportsman who love hunting & camping. I m form United States.
This is a very convincing post!


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Nov 16, 2006
From the 2021 backlog thread:

Dead Space (Completed)
The Talos Principle (Completed)
FarCry 3: Blood Dragon (Completed)
Metal Dead (Completed)
Inside (Completed)
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition
Broforce (Completed)
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (Completed)
Dishonored 2 (Completed)
Pyre (Completed)
Expendabros (Completed)
Castle Crashers (Completed)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Awakening (Completed)
Shadowrun: Dragonfall (Completed)
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
Darksiders (Completed)
Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus
Ori and the Blind Forest (Completed)
The Banner Saga (Completed)

Was a good year for me, 19 games is huge given the amount of time I generally have to actually game.