Games Similar to Nether, but Co-Op?


Jun 13, 2012
EDIT: Found it! 7 Days to Die... Not specifically co-op, but you can host your own server for just your friends. It's great! Like an adult version Minecraft, where the zombies can actually do something to you, and survival is pretty difficult (at least for 3 hours of gameplay) :)

Hello, all!

I'm in search of a co-op zombie survival game (for PC) to play with a couple of friends.

Last summer we played Nether for a day, and loved it... Aside from the plethora of bugs and constantly getting gangbanged by other players. That, and it seemed a bit shallow.

Characteristics I'm hoping to find:
1. Base building/fortifying.
2. Some measure of difficulty in beating zombies (or just a bunch of them).
3. Collecting items, required for survival.
4. Crafting would be nice.
5. Co-op, no PvP (though accidental friendly fire would be a plus).
6. Saved games of some sort... be able to drop it and pick it up later.
7. Not still in early access 37 years after release on Steam.

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