Games like these?

Icarus Roun

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Sep 23, 2018
Hello everyone, I have been looking for that next big thing, the problem is that I keep getting stuck in the passed...

I love strategy and resource economy setups. I love both medieval and space age\post modern styles.

One of my oldest favorites was Lords of the Realm 2. I loved the fact that you needed to gather food to feed your people, care about their health and happiness, gather resources to build castles and raise armies, then the while card of Mercs. What I found lacking was that the machine was really stupid and once you understood the general behavior of the game it was easily exploited. The resources were so basic and everything was really just limited to building your army, set castles, set map resources, set world economy.

I also loved Stronghold 2, I thought the game was delightful of having villagers go out and gather stuff and having labor restrictions. And the custom castle building O.O! I loved the sandbox of it, but in the end it didnt really go anywhere...

Caesar 3, Pharaoh, Civilization, so no.

I saw someone else ask about Lords 2, and the suggestion was medieval total war. I think thats a horrible for a suggestion, there were no economy or resource elements in total war, (any of them) that were anything near the way Lords 2 played. Rome TW 2 was irrational...

I have been dying for a game that has the longer term, turn based world, logical intelligent combat systems, and a world that makes you think and strategize on every level.

Civilization made you care the most about the long term, tech development and territory resources were huge. But the resource diversity and real world demands werent there. Lords 2 had seasonal concerns, food and basic resources, but just not in depth enough. Caesar 3/Pharaoh had great city building but lacked everything else.

I really care about labor allocation, resource distribution. How much food do we have stored? Is it enough for the winter? How many laborers? Can we do everything we need to in the year? What about money? Trade? Diplomacy? Firewood or construction timber? Iron tools or weapons? How many animals do we have?

Dig in the dirt, in depth, realistic, challenge of civilization...

If your running an army in modern terms, how many men? How many tanks? How much fuel? How much ammo? How much food? Supply lines?

Real world shit that people actually have to deal with on a regular basis.

Long term, short term, Micro, Macro, where are the real strategy games?


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Jan 19, 2018
Knights of Honor is supposed to be a great game in that vein.

Have you ever played Settlers 3? I loved that game. If you enjoy crafting intricate supply lines that's your ticket. Just make sure you buy the disc version from eBay or somewhere, because the GoG version is missing the music.

Icarus Roun

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Sep 23, 2018
Oh, thank you guys, these two look awesome, im looking at banished review and it seriously makes me giggle... xD

Knights of Honor looks really good, but how is the IA? Usually I find that enemies tend to be predictable or just downright retarded most of the time.

Thanks guys, I appreciate both of you


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Nov 30, 2000
Not Turn Based nor does it have Combat, but Banished is a good Resource management game.

I can't believe there was never any additional content added to that game.

@OP I don't know why, but when I see you saying caring, I keep thinking of Rimworld, but I don't think it fits in as a grand strategy type game.