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[gamersnexus] Buildzoid explains why asus maximus xi hero is really a 4phase

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Aug 19, 2007
TLDR $300 board is only 'good enough' for a i7 9700, pushing 9900k voltages is recipe for fail.


might want to make sure you are getting a real 8phase board if you are going the 9900k route, or get some massive cooling.
I know this will sound as complaining, but I really dislike video reviews. If they do it, at least put in time cuts to where you discuss certain features. Of course they won't do that though, because then they won't watch the whole video. In this case, I'd much rather read a segment on why. It's easier to use later for reference as well.

In this case, it looks like Intel has hit a power wall. They already did with Skylake-X. Now they have on their mainstream. They desperately need either a new node or some changes in architecture to move forward. Very curious to see what Ice Lake will bring.
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Jan 7, 2007
its a deep dive with detail on components used and a fair bit of the math on the power components. there isnt really a pithy summary for quoting or extracting. he breaks down the voltage/watt issues around the 19 min mark.

the big issue is that you cant cheat phases, more phases out of sync is better and asus' marketing is just plain false/delusional. its effectively a mid to upper mid board power-wise but at a premium price.

but yes, the 9900k pushes power demands beyond what used to be reasonable.


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Jan 24, 2014
I know this will sound as complaining, but I really dislike video reviews.
In this case it's either this or nothing, the kind of content Buildzoid offers is very niche, cannot be worth putting into polished articles or scripted video content.

If you want the TL;DR then just read the thread title - Asus Maximus XI Hero is using a glorified 4phase design.