Game Lock-ups on TNT2 Ultra


Jul 12, 2000
My system is as follows: P3/700e on ASUS P3B-F mobo, Diamond V770 Ultra with 3.68 drivers, SB Live Value, 192MB PC-100, Win98SE. I have been getting a lot of lock-ups while attempting to enter games, where there will be a random pattern of horizontal or vertical lines and/or dots. This happens on several different games and can even happen within the game, not just at startup of the game. I'll have to do a reboot and then everything usually is fine. I contacted Diamond and the tech guided me into the BIOS to tweak some settings, but there was only one PCI/AGP setting that could be changed. That led him to state "the mobo must not be a true AGP mobo, AGP was probably added as an afterthought, and that was probably the source of my conflict". Huh?!?!
I like the ASUS board for it's stability (I don't overclock), so I'm stumped. Any ideas? Thanks.