Game Designing?

Oct 13, 2006
I got some really nice replies from my last postChanging Major,
so here is my other ... question i guess.

I Love to create Games. As a hobby, I draw, design t-shirts, come up with stories and game ideas and draw stupid film strips and story boards. I'm studying Computer Science now, because i like it, and I'd like to know the basics and how games are made. But, I like to design the game not code it. I would if i have to, but not forever. After Im done with my bachelors, I either wanna study art, or film. Art i think i have the talent and teach myself, but film i need to learn it. anyways, this way i can direct games and also know the coding part.
This is my plan to become a Game designer. Am I (sounds like a stupid question,) going the right path you think? too dreamy? too long? too stupid?

if you wanna see some of my old crappy "graphics" here is a link.
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Jan 15, 2004
There are a number of colleges that are starting to offer bachelor's degrees in Game Design (and no, I don't mean that one that advertises late at night on Comedy Central).


Jul 19, 2004
This is why professors have office hours and you have an academic adviser.

If you want to get in to games, you need to visit some of your CS professors and ask them if you're on the right path to begin with. Also, you need to know what PORTION of the games you want to do. It's sounding to me like you want to have a hand in every bit of it and you're mediocre at many things, but an expert in nothing. You need to have at least one or two points which you can focus on to make you more valuable to companies. What are your best strengths?


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Mar 21, 2007
Very few programmers last in the gaming field, and thats not from a lack a talent. It's from a lack of desire to work 80hrs/wk for mediocre pay, in a very high stress environment, only to wonder if you'll have a job at the end of the project.