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Mar 29, 2001
I guess Microsoft is just incapable of getting this update thing right.

The KB4532693 update totally trashed ALL of the user profiles on one of my virtual machines - it wouldn't even boot to safe mode and just wasn't fixable despite working on it off and on for the last two days. I restored it from a relatively recent backup, got called away unexpectedly for a half hour, and it freakin proceeded to download and trash it again exactly the same way. After a 2nd restore, I've delayed the update for now (and then disconnected the machine temporarily from the Internet until MS manages to get its house in order yet again).

Windows 10 KB4524244 Update Causes Freezes, Installation Issues.

Windows 10 KB4532693 Update Bug Hides User Data, Loads Wrong Profile.

You know, I get the need for forced updates. Lord knows that I've spent enough time in the past fixing machines for unconcerned blithering idiots to know that the biggest part of the herd just won't take time away from splattering their lives over social media to bother to update them otherwise.

However, sometimes it just wears on me that we here (the people that actually know what we are doing, at least most of the time) are forced to suffer in order to save the herd from themselves.

Rant off now.
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May 19, 2011
I personally don't see any need for forced updates. At least from my own experience (my line of work), the vast majority of my customers (I'd say at least 95%) have never tinkered with WU settings so therefore they've always been getting them automatically (at least, ever since WinXP). So from my experience the system has worked well enough aside from a very low percentage of flat-earther types who disable WU.

Then, what does MS do? They jettisoned their QA department, dream up 'feature updates' (being the most likely updates to trash a Windows install), and they forced WU just at the point that a QA department is most needed.

I've lost a lot of the faith I had in MS that had built up since the release of Win7. It seemed to me that Win7 was part of an era that MS were becoming less like their monopoly era and less like 'OSS / open standards are the devil', and Win7 represented (to me anyway) a steady evolution of a more mature company and product. This era of MS seems like a very Facebook-ish one to me being "you are the product", and Windows is just a delivery system as opposed to a rock-solid platform that people can use to be productive and creative on.

Yeah, I know, I'm also ranting :)
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Nov 6, 2011
I've lost a lot of the faith I had in MS that had built up since the release of Win7.
They have gone from substance (W7) to glitzy high cards (W10.) All show and no go, with a lot of blow. I've said it before... I wish they would have made W10 in 2 versions... one for the mobiles and browsers, one for the true users.
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