Info FYI: games seeing mouse as controller (possible solution)


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Jan 7, 2007
so in some games i would get stutters or lag spikes with my wired roccat tyon but not a generic mouse. the game would bring up weird popups about controllers when i didnt have any connected. unplugging and plugging would sometimes fix it but obviously not a real solution. [the problem affects other brands of mice (causing cursors to lock at zero,zero) so i thought i would put out the FYI]

after a google search through a useless first 5 pages of results, i found this video.
it seems windows is interacting with the mouse driver associated with the mouse or wireless mouse charging cradle.

to fix:
  1. go to control panel/hardware and sound/devices and printers
  2. select relevant mouse and rmb for properties
  3. under hardware tab, scroll until you find 'HID-compliant game controller', click on it and hit the 'properties' button
  4. under general tab click 'change settings' button
  5. under driver tab click 'disable driver'
(you may need to restart the pc)
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