From China with Love [G80, R600 and G81 info]

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Mar 17, 2006
Yes, the GPU is a processing unit and can therefore be called a processor. Now that we've established what a GPU is, one of many computer processors, lets reexamine the definition of a co-processor:
A coprocessor is a computer processor used to supplement the functions of the primary processor (the CPU).
In other words, any processor that is used to carry out a specific function not fitting for the CPU is used to supplement that function and is considered a co-processor.

Just like the math co-processor was once dedicated and used to supplement the ability to do floating-point arithmetic and then became integrated with the CPU, the GPU is slowly turning towards that path. While it's integration may not be as streamlined as the math-coprocessors is, the fact remains that it will become less of a dedicated, add-in component.

However, the fact that it is--for the time being--a dedicated, additional component doesn't mean that it isn't a co-processor. It still serves as a substitute that carries out instructions not fit for the CPU and therefore supplements the functions of the CPU--making it a co-processor. That's what your Wikipedia link states.
well, GPU uses different portions of memory than the CPU, they operate independently.
To some extent they opperate independently, but you're right that they use different portions of memory. Perhaps DAMIT's plan to integrate the GPU to the CPU will change that.
I'm done talking to you. Obviously you are only here to argue, not to learn.

Learning is exactly why I ask questions and thoroughly discuss these ideas that DAMIT has about GPU/CPU integration. I didn't consider us arguing but rather trying to discuss the attributes of certain processors, possibly giving us a better understanding as to how two different cores may be integrated together.
go ahead, insist on believing CPU/GPU integration to improve performance and mixing up coprocessor vs GPU. its your loss.
In 2 years time we might be on DDR3 for system memory and who knows what else for other components. I don't understand why you think the technology being designed for the future won't give any performance increases over the current technology, especially when that future tech has a 5.4 billion dollar price tag. 5.4 billion dollars in the hole doesn't sound like a good start to doing nothing but cutting manufacturing costs. They'll have to make something very intriguing about it for the consumers to bite.

I don't know why you think I'm losing anything. I'm only going off of the information you gave me. If you don't agree with me, you don't agree with what you linked as evidence. In this case, that evidence happens to be Wikipedia which is nice. If you don't agree with it, you can actually go to their site and correct their mistake, right? I mean, if you're right and I'm just someone who is only trying to argue with you, then you should be able to correct Wikipedia very easily.
Its also saying that it is a processor, so which one is it? who do you believe ?
I believe what you consider evidence. It is both a processor and a co-processor, you simply misread your link and determined that it can only be one or the other instead of both.
obviously you don't believe me, so I'm done talking to you. no point wasting my time trying to "prove" to you.
So don't. "Waste" your time trying to prove Wikipedia.

I was never here to argue with you. I wanted to concentrate on the different types of processors in an attempt to possibly speculate how those different types of processors may be incorporated together. Sorry you didn't see this discussion as the same way I did.


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Jan 22, 2006
I do not think ATI will leave the hi end market, they may take a hiatus while restructuring but it is a fact that having 'the best' is a valuable marketing tool.


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Jan 31, 2005
Graphics card are coprocessors because they cannot operate independently of the main processor. The graphics processor is controlled by the cpu, it can't do anything on its own, just like the SPE's in Sony's Cell processor are coprocessors and can't do anything on their own. They have their own independent memory space, and have most of the full functions of a processor, but cannot process any code without a central processor.

Then again, if you have two identicle processors in SMP, they are also coprocessors, so I'd say a coprocessor is any processor that assists another.