Friend has CD-ROM problems


Sep 25, 2004
Ok, here's the scoop. My friend owns a Compaq laptop(detailed specs are gonna be hard to get), and about a week ago he started noticing some problems with the CD-ROM drive. Particularly, the drive refuses to open, producing no clicking sounds at all, so a jam is out of the question. Also, when he tries to access the drive through My Computer, he get's this.

"D:\ is not accessable. The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable."

removing the drive from Device Managers and rebooting produces no change in the problem.

He was just able to manually eject the drive and there was no CD inside(he thought there was one inside). I had him insert a CD into the drive and the same error occurs.

So is the drive dead or is there something we're overlooking?


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Jul 28, 2002
Unfortunately the news is the drive is likely to be bad.

Replaced about 6 this week with (various configurations, Laptop & SFF PC's)
same problem and all defective (HP is killing this company).

If the laptop is still under warranty give Compaq Tech Support a call to RMA it.
If it is not under warranty, then a search of eBay is your best bet.