freeupmobile? Legit AT&T MNVO, or spammer?


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Aug 25, 2001
LOL. Nice. Anyways. I'm getting a few lines worth of free phone service from . Just passing it on. No need for a gov't-sponsored "Obamaphone". (Never had one, hopefully, never will.) I'm not getting compensated for this message, just a (recent) subscriber.

One of my friends that I texted, though, said he got a pile of "spammy" text messages after I texted him with my new number. Whether this is because this service sells out all of your contact info (possible, I suppose), on the "free" service, I don't know, or whether it was a coincidence.

I got an out-of-state call at the same time (from different numbers), on multiple lines of service, and I got some sort of "WeChat validation code", and a "prefs" file was downloaded to my phone without permission, though I can't find WeChat app on either of my phones. So, possibly my phones have been hacked? I got the SIM cards and the phones off of ebay, supposedly new in both cases though.

The phones are from Blu, a Chinese mfg, do they have backdoors? They have Oreo 8.1 Android Go on them.

This post is kinda random, I guess, sorry. I was going to post it in another thread, but it seemed like it belongs in it's own thread. Mods, if this should go on Phones and Gadgets, I apologize.

Edit: The free plan when I signed up, was for 1000 minutes or texts. Now, apparently, it's only 250 minutes or texts. I hardly use that anyways. (Though I'm still grandfathered in for 1000/1000, at least currently.)

NO data, with the free plans. They do sell paid plans, too, for $10-$15-$20, with various amounts of data, and "unlimited" talk/text. Uses AT&T towers.
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