Fox News got too anxy before midterms and posted a story with infernence of US being sold to China with very little credible sources to back it up.

Amol S.

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Mar 14, 2015
Fox News and posted a story with very little credible sources, that almost shallowly says to their base that Biden is selling the US to China. It seems they tried to hype it up on their home page to make it look like click bait, with the claim of "First On Fox" in bold red. The article makes the claim that the CAP's China policy personal (who is also currently Biden's China Policy Coordinator) had a relationship with someone named Tung. This Tung, according to Fox News, is the vice-chairman of the CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Conference Committee) since the year 2000.

The article keeps referring back to how CPPCC is the international think-tank version of the domestic CPP in China, repeatedly throughout the article, and how they try to influence politics abroad.

It further goes on to say that Biden's soon to be Clean Energy Advisor (Jhon Podesta) is in fact a great friend with this CPPCC Tung person, and had even introduced Joe and Hunter Biden to her at Beijing. It goes on to further state that Podesta has another friend in Hong Kong who is named Alex Cherin. Fox News claims that Podesta sent an email to Alex, where he sated that Tung is a friend from Hong Kong of Podesta's. Only in the end of the Fox News article does it say, "It is unclear if this introduction [of Hunter Biden] took place".

They go on to further state that Tung was the one who founded the CUSEF, and claim that the CUSEF has bankrolled several of American universities. They also claim that Podesta is now a member of the steering committee of the CUSEF.

It later claimed that the CEO of CAP (Tanden) was also in cahoots with Tung, when it came to her claim that she said in 2014, "became clear that US and China are interdependent on each other."

The article claims the source of their information is from Wikileaks, and claim the images on the article page are actually snapshots of e-mails. Pffft... yah right.... I wonder if e-mails can be Photoshopped.

The article itself seems to have caused the racist Fox News cheerleaders in the article comment section, to go into panic or fear mode. Many top comments are mostly in bold and alluding to the conspiracy that Biden is selling us to China.


I really wonder how Fox News CEO feels when they know they are the ones destroying this country just to rake in more profits.


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Oct 24, 2020
Amol S,

The folks at Fox News know they can always hightail it to Australia in the event of serious turmoil.


Nov 28, 2004
Do I really even need to say anything other than quit trying to create new threads?

Everyone here already knows that Faux News is full of shit and we all know just how pointless their comments are.

This thread will flame out with very few responses just like the rest.

FYI, Murdoch doesn't give 2 shits, just like all the other Trumplicans.
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Aug 5, 2000
The clear advantage the Repubs have over the Democrats when it comes to slinging shit is that they are free to make shit up, the more freakish and outlandish the better while the Dems, for 99% of the time won't go there.

The freshmen Dems, especially those progressives are chomping at the bit to air their grievances against the Repub's constant bullshitery yet are being reined in by the elders in the caucus. Not so with the Repub cub shit slingers like Marjorie Green and Lauren Boebert.

The contrast is stark as it is so revealing.


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Oct 2, 2004
Faux being Faux. You act as if this hasn't been done before, and hasn't been happening at Fox all along.

Alarmism with known info is all this is. :rolleyes:
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Mar 17, 2008
Got to sell and sow fear into the base… And a re-run of China is all they got… And Tucker that has gone full Putin.
In the top 5 of the worst traitors to the west, alive, most certainly Murdoch.