Four monitors with one pc?


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May 21, 2004
What would someone need to have four monitors acting as one display on their computer? I currently have 2 dell 19" LCD's on two pc's in two locations (making 4 total). I will have no need to have two pc's running at once and would like to make use of all four monitors. Currently i have a nvidea 7900 series video card which has two DVI outputs. Do I need to have SLI running?


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Oct 23, 2000
If you have an SLI motherboard and two video cards that each have two monitor outputs, run the video cards in NON-SLI mode and Windows should be able to make use of all four displays. If your motherboard does not support SLI (does not have two PCI-E slots), you'll need to use one PCI-E video card for two monitors and one standard PCI video card for the other two.