[Fortnite] When I play Solo I feel like I'm the worst player, however in Squad...


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Jun 12, 2001
Disclosure, I've only been play for a few weeks. So while I do not have the best setup (generic wireless mouse and keyboard) and no headset (sorry), it's not the worst. And I know there is a learning curve to any game.

My problem is that I have a much greater be killed than kill rate. I think I might have only about 20 kills out of 60 or seventy sessions. I am pretty good at staying alive but when it comes down to the last 20 or so players, I expect to be tagged without getting someone first.

So when I switched to group play, man, I thought I could learn by watching teammates and perhaps get or share in more takedowns. Wow, was I wrong. What in the world is up with people who want to immediately jump into a firefight? I've had a couple of games where my whole squad died before I even touched down.

It is a fun game but squad play with a bunch of kamikazes gets to wear thin.

Any suggestions? Buy a real gaming mouse? Get a dedicated keyboard or gamepad?


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Apr 29, 2005
I don't really think you can look at KDR when it comes to a game like Fortnite as opposed to something like BF. You could be the best player in the world but if you chute in and land next to someone who found a gun before you did.. chances aren't so good. I doubt there's a metric for it but if you could look at your KDR for rounds where you survived longer than 2 mins, that might be a bit more telling (trying to weed out those times you landed next to some dude who just found an epic shotty or something).


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Mar 10, 2007
Being able to communicate will make life so much easier on you. You can get a cheap Logitech headset for $20ish at Best Buy that will let you speak to your squad mates. Also, I highly suggest if you play in groups, you find a dedicated group of friends instead of a bunch of randoms.

Basically it boils down to practice. You either get better with practice or you quit, so keep at it. The best TF2 players in the world didn't load the game, pick their main class, and start topping scoreboards. Everyone started at the bottom learning the ropes.


Nov 18, 2007
When looking at KD in a game like that the top 20% players are probably getting 80% of the kills.

I watched my brother play for a bit and it didn't look like it had the tightest gun play. In the three matches he played, even though he got a weapon each time, he was killed in the first 10 mins of the match each time.


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Sep 1, 2010
my brief experience with the game mode saw me dying in the first 10 as well. play with buddies or expect to be jumping out of servers a lot.


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Jun 12, 2001
Thanks, all!

Lessons I've Learned Play Fortnite
  • Diving to the most remote places (outside the traverse of the flying bus path) ensures you don't die right off the bat
  • Some of the farmhouses contain good or awesome grade weapons but the little, what I call 'deer stands' hardly contain anything of worth
  • The big building areas (especially Tilted Towers) are big kill zones. You dive in their either solo or squad and you'll get killed pretty quickly.
  • Head shots are pretty effective but it still takes one head shots plus a random shot to take down a full health plus 50% 'armored' person
  • A ton of kids (under 18) play from sun up to about 9 PM (east coast time), after that mostly adults
  • Yes, voice support for squad is good, especially if you spot another team
  • Still haven't found the emote feature for mouse/keyboard - it's there for controllers
  • After the second storm shrink, most of the really good players start to build towers - I won a game because I hid underneath a player's tower until we were the only two left. He didn't know where I was, got impatient and then jumped (fell) to his death trying to find me
  • You'll need at least 5 bandage rolls to survive the storm, if you are at the longest point to the storm wall - you'll have about a 2-5 health left
  • Speaking of storms - don't fear them if you have bandages or health kits. Sometimes you can park right outside the storm wall and pick people off
  • Traps are useful if you are in a crowded area
  • Build a tower and wait outside it nearby - someone will always try to shoot at it and they'll give their position away
  • Turn around occasionally when running. There might be someone following and they'll pick you off pretty easily