For anyone with audio/video sync issues on Windows 10...


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Dec 27, 2005
I have two laptops with Intel wifi cards that are not supported under Win10. I was getting audio/video sync issues and audio popping when playing any streaming content (Youtube, Netflix, other flash content). I finally figured out that it was the network driver causing the issue, because when using ethernet, the problem stopped. Also, despite using Wifi, using a USB speaker/bluetooth headphones would stop it.

What I did was just download and install the latest Intel drivers 19.60 for wifi under windows 10, install it, and then update driver for the wifi manually, and select browse and Have Disk. It will bring up a list of currently supported wifi cards. Select one that is closest to the current unsupported wifi card, and force it. Windows will list it as the new Wifi card. For example, I have a Intel Advanced-N 6230, so I chose the 6235, where they are both 2x2 N and both have bluetooth. Another laptop has a Intel Wifi 1030, this was tougher because it is a 1x2 N card, so I chose the Intel Wireless-N 135 which is a 1x1 N. Both work, are fast on Speedtest, and there are no more audio problems.


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Aug 5, 2009
will have to try this after work. i have a generic usb wifi adapter that came with drivers (although under device manager its listed as real tek) plugged in my 2nd desktop and the a/v syncing issue has been driving me nuts for awhile.