For +$60 (MSRP) this is what you are getting:


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Oct 10, 2004
Just read the 512MB GTX article at While everyone and their grandma has beaten to death the high level specs, what's intriguing and not mentioned in the AT article, is the Vertex/Pixel/ROP clocks. As states:

"Whereas you could say the original G70 in the GTX has 470/430/430 clocks (vertex/pixel/ROP), the GTX 512 has 550/550/550 reference clocks for the GPU. So vertex rate goes up by 17%, and pixel and ROP clocks are up by nearly 28%. Remember the original GTX's 20.6Ginst/sec pixel shader rate (all 5D MADs, theoretically, given the right situation)? 26.4Ginst/sec now. Pixel output rate and texture rates go up by the same ratio, making the GTX 512 gobs quicker.

What about memory bandwidth you say? 850MHz I reply. DDR, too. So 1.7GHz and 54.4GB/sec when you do the sums. Forgive me the slightly giggly schoolgirl way to reference these figures, but they're a step above what you'll find on an already powerful NVIDIA desktop accelerator."

So those of you who think its just a 80mhz bump essentially with faster DDR and an extra 256MB, looks like there's even a bigger shader and pixel processor overclock then on the 512MB. Combine this with a heatpipe cooling solution (i paid $35 for my AC Silencer rev. 3) and the ability to overclock even more, it looks to be one helluva deal when compared with the initial $599 MSRP for the 256MB GTX. Now given, street pricing is in the realm of ~$500 presently on the 256MB GTX, we are obtaining the following for an additional $200 ($700 street price on 512MB GTX):

- 80MHz Vertex / 120MHz pixel / 120MHz overclock
- 256MB of additional memory
- 300MHz GDDR3 memory overclock
- Heatpipe GPU/memory HSF

Whether it's worth it to you, i won't touch with a 10 ft. pole (flame suit on), but kudos to for pointing out the clocks!