Fonts for XP gone? XP Pro and Office 2003


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Sep 20, 2004
I remember having a ton of fonts installed onto my desktop awhile back. After reformatting I must've forgotten to add them or something. Is there anywhere online where I can install fonts from? Like maybe one big font package or something? I left my windows cd's at home as well as my office one so if those had any fonts on them I won't be able to get to them until Sat. sometime.

Thanks a bunch!


Jan 10, 2005
Fonts are in the C:\windows\fonts directory. There are a lot of free font websites but many fonts are copy protected. You reformatted the existing drive? I usually leave old drive as slave while installing a new drive as master and I don't format the old drive until I get all my crap off of it. If there is a particular font you want, search Google for just that one. Any CompUSA has that cheap rack of software programs that usually has 5,000 Fonts or something like that.