Folding@Home bigadv EOL Anniversary Challenge on Jan. 31st - Feb. 7th: The race has finished.

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Nov 4, 1999
Thanks for all the stats doc :), and congrats to us for winning :D

Btw, my crunching for this race was done (in part) on my new Ryzen 5 3600 :), but I've had to hobble it for now as the crappy stock AMD cooler (Stealth version) just isn't upto the job of cooling this CPU! :rolleyes: To keep temp's below even 80C I've had to set PPT to just 70w! Interestingly that allowed it to run at a slightly higher clock speed.
I'm going to swap out the cooler, but before I buy a new one I want to see if I can re-use my old TR Ultima90 buy modifying an AM3 base plate (I think I should have one, somewhere!).
JFYI most of my output was from my RX 580 (IIRC roughly 325k ppd from it, and ~125k ppd from the Ryzen).
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