Folder Access in win2k, how do I control it?


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Jul 30, 2001
I was wondering if there is a way to set the sharing properties of a folder in a win2k LAN, such that if anybody is logged in "legitimately" they can access the folder shared, but if anybody is logged in as a guest they can not access the folder. Also is there a way to do this with some win98 machines, so that if you login with a recognizable user (any recognizable user, with their own particular pwd) you can access the folder, but if you login as a guest you can not. Thanks for the help.


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Dec 27, 1999
switch to NTFS file system, then right click on the folder to set permissions for and choose properties. then select the security tab and go to town assigning the users.
in winxp, procedure is the same, just make sure that simple file sharing is turned off....its found under folder options, views.