Flash sync issues


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Jul 29, 2000
So I just got a couple pocket wizards, and I'm having some sync issues. The flextt5's I bought didn't come with any sync cables to connect to my AlienBees studio lights so I set things up to use my SB-700 off camera connected to one of the flextt5's and the other flextt5 on my camera. Then I have a B800 I want to trigger with its on-board slave when the SB-700 fires.

The problem I'm having is that the B800's flash doesn't get into my exposure. I've tried longer shutter speeds and nothing works. The B800 is detecting the SB-700 and firing but I guess it's too late. When I connect a sync cable from the camera to the B800 everything fires together, but this kind of defeats the point of the pocketwizards.

What can I do?

Also, the pocket wizard doesn't have the same flash sync connector that is usually on a camera. It's got the 1/8th inch jack on it. Can I just use any old 1/8 inch mono cable to connect my pocketwizard to my B800? I'm thinking the setup might work better if I put the pocketwizard connected to the B800 with the 1/8th cable and have the SB-700 in slave mode.