Flash-based iPod in January?


Mar 11, 2000
These guys think so

"Apple Computer in December will begin manufacturing a third variant of its flagship iPod music player, which will be based on solid-state flash memory, AppleInsider has confirmed through well placed and extremely reliable sources.

According to contacts in Asia, the computer company will build a stock-pile of approximately 2 million flash iPods before the product begins shipping world-wide in late-January or early February. The new players are slated to be announced at the annual Macworld trade show in San Francisco during the second week of January.

I remain skeptical. I had predicted a 6 GB mini at $249 (since Hitachi has already announced the drives), and then a 4 GB and possibly 2 GB Microdrive based unit for the sub $200 segment.


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Sep 13, 2003
I can believe it. Maybe I have an irrational distrust of microdrives, but I have always been skeptical of the durability of microdrives when it comes to constant shocks, extreme heat/cold, pressure changes, and being dropped.

A 1 GB flash based iPod would be great. It might not hold all my music, but 1 GB is enough for most of my favorite stuff.