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Feb 19, 2014
I'm a passionate Anandtech site fan, reader/consumer... and I've enjoyed reading your reviews, and regardless of right/wrong, up or down - the generation of comments when an Apple product, of any kind - even software, lol - can load up with over high three digit comment counts... and two dozen side 'debates' taking place;)
I'm not a fan to the extent some are when it comes to working OSes, my choice, my experience, my business and as Dad, husband and home IT manager... typically are the deciding factors when I buy hardware, as well as my decision 'in house' (family and my business) systems were gradually switched from Windows Vista to OSX in 2006/'07 - the iPhone was 'fun' as a phone and we bought in in 2007 but I've always been a tech fan first, and Windows, Android Linux/Unix, Pi projects are all 'hobbies' if you will as well as ways to stay sharp with different operating systems.
I'm a pilot and videographer in Alaska and have been flying for 31 years, shooting even longer - as I was very excited about photo and videography early in life (I've still got the family's 8mm projector and reels of silent, color family flicks!;)) --- I digress
Point is, my mortgage is paid with help from my computer and choice of mobile hardware (phones and tablets have become our 'kneeboards, in the cockpit, replacing heavy flight bags!) both on the road/in the air or at home with my family.

My query --- a decade in with the latest Windows build (currently on Surface Pro 4/Win 10) and a current Android handset (You'll have to steal my Note 4! And I've got the S7) I tend to switch out on contract/18 months. Versus iOS devices which I tend to upgrade annually to maximize the abilities of the systems both horizontally and vertically. iOS and OS X or macOS along with watchOS, the App Store and it's plethora of software (.in both stores, but the ...) including professional, all in one apps like ForeFlight which is amazing.... offering the ability to file my FPs, up to date charts/plates, changes in patterns and of course 'real time' weather, Traffic and anticipated conditions aggregated from other pilots incorporating situational awareness for a general aviation pilot only dreamt of a decade ago!

So what's wrong? I'm not happy, like many fans of OS X MacOS iOS and Cupertino hardware... last fall left a nasty taste in my mouth and I have a family. I don't usually have the option of buying just 'one'. My daughter leaves to college this fall, son will follow in two years. They'll both need a decent laptop and both are Mac users. I've never shied from the top shelf configurations, and I currently use the 2015 15" 2.8GHz i7/16GB RAM/1TB PCIe SSD w/AMD & Intel IrisPro graphics. I got it for an incredible deal at a Best Buy sale - with a rebate of nearly $550, I paid the same or close I'd have for the base w/dGPU ($2,499) @ the time.
I also own one of the last cheese grater Mac Pros from 2010 and she's getting older - I was not interested in the canister Pro, while 'neat', without ability to upgrade, investment seemed silly in comparison with my 2010 - it's been three years since the nMP was introduced and not a peep since - nor a price drop. We've got a family 27" iMac and it's awesome but it's a big screen laptop. They're able to be packed with all the higher TDP laptop parts, there isn't room to cool down, hence limitations on what can be contained. As video resolutions become bigger and file sizes larger, cores and RAM is precious. As is fast storage.

I bought the 2015 about six months after its release, impulse buy but I've owned the original rMBP since 2012 - a 15" 2.7GHz, 16GB RAM, 768GB SSD & nVidia 650m/Intel 4000 - a laptop as fast today as the day purchased and not a single issue. Bought it around $2800. Little less for 2015 because of sale but close. I couldn't 'add' anything more as they were 'topped out'. Today. I'm looking at a replacement price near $5,000 for a 2TB core i7 15" w/Applecare. $2,500-$3,000 for a 13"! And I'm not sure they're going to continue supporting them, building and maintaining the OS, and possibly returning to earth with a different pricing strategy. I understand the fact some feel 'you can never have too much money' - the fact they're sitting on a third of a trillion in cash, are the highest valued public company and making paper selling iPhones.... WTH are they thinking when it comes to 'us'?

I'm happy with my apple buys as they do last, they do just work and my time spent fixing has been cut by 95%! Integration, aggregation between iOS and macOS is silly seamless, hands off and an amazing way to work in the field with the crew at base and the crew at home.
Microsoft doesn't offer the continuity Apple does as their mobile division... ya know.
Google, Android phones while excellent, are built like Windows rigs by OEMs using the OS and experiences with Android have been generally positive but never 'all encompassing' ala Mac - I'm unable to use a Chromebook for any serious 'grunt' and while Google's apps and ecosystem work well on OS X macOS and Windows, generally there's plenty of issues and workarounds unnecessary in the iOS/macOS workflow. I understand that some of the limitations are imposed by Apple (Google Maps, GMail, Calendar, et al) as they can be handicapped living like all apps in their own sandbox
Then again, I typically enjoy using both Google and Microsoft Office apps on iPad just as much as Apple's iWork suite. With the family - I am redundantly backing up through Dropbox and iCloud. Google Photos as well as its an amazing app... and generous to boot!

I didn't mean to write a novel when I began but my question is what happened with the MacBook Pro reviews here on Anandtech? I was searching for a current review of the 2016 w/TouchBar and without--- and noticed the last 'actual review' was last done ...on the 2012 15" model almost five years ago! I know not a lot has changed but for the folks on the comment boards ...maybe a little something to keep in mind when arguing blatant bias? The 2016 was well covered by the crew and hands on, etc.
But I'm starting to miss relevant reviews for modern hardware and software that is available, not closing in on EOL. The author of the iPhone's review (7/7+) Also mentioned something like a 'deep dive' on the A10 Fusion processing, possible Apple designed or built GPUs, etc ...I've yet to see that, nothing turned up in searches.

Any other mom's or dads getting ready to send kids to college? I'm still leaning macOS, 13" models simply because they lack the need for continued maintenance, reliability and efficiency are excellent, support can't be touched, and the computer I bought in 2015 with a Has or Broadwell i7, a TB of the fastest storage I've ever used ...is still a phenomenal machine and does circles around the Surface Pro 4/Book's abilities to render and finalize my projects. They're cool but after the Surface 1, 2, and 4 -- I'm done. I'm going to try a Razer next, I believe.

Last MacBook Pro 'review' with substance was done by Anand in 2012 - while it took almost five years for a form factor change, seems like a review every other year with new additions (Thunderbolt 2, force touch trackpad, freaking phenomenal storage ((install, updates, you name it, its immediate!)) and, of course, the 2016's complete overhaul) - while the fall '16 event was well covered - there's still not an actual Anandtech Review for the lot I can find.
Made be laugh a bit, all the BS about the over abundance of Cupertino coverage and it's been five years since you've reviewed their premier platform (now that Mac Pro and Mini are all but extinct and iMac is using laptop parts) and six months ago, they completely overhauled it with much unfanfare and loud complaints.... yet they're selling like hot cakes. Kinda like Apple Watch 2's complete MIA @ Christmas, just now being caught up, as the loud pundit slams of the Air Pods continue to push back shipping dates to 6-8 weeks. Hmmm

To abandon iOS macOS and join Windows using....what? Do Windows users 'generally prefer' Android to iOS? Chrome book users makes sense but if Windows is your OS on the lap and desk - which phone do you prefer and how does it interface with your computer, especially in comparison with iOS and OS X ...past experiences are definitely preferred. When it's a $20,000 bill to get each family member a laptop and phone, it's too rich for my blood!

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Feb 14, 2004
1. When Jobs died, innovation at Apple ceased. All of us Apple fans have been pretty disappointed with the lack of tech leadership that Apple has displayed. They need to put someone more forward-thinking in charge, imo.

2. Gates did all of us nerds a huge service by making computers that aren't stable. If everything worked as advertised, none of would have jobs! Haha.

3. I do miss the Anandtech deep-dive articles. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with Anand himself leaving or not.

4. I went from Windows to Mac to Hackintosh to Google Chrome myself. Currently loving the Chromebook + iPhone combo. I appreciate Android's capabilities, but I feel they are even more insecure than a Windows machine.

5. I'm not sure how much of Apple's lack of innovation has to do with the leadership vs. how much of it has to do with simply offering everything we need. The new smartphones do everything. The new laptops do everything. We're not really hurting for speed, storage space, display quality, or high-speed connections anymore. Most people don't even want stuff like smartwatches. VR is pretty cool & new, but really, as far as computers & smartphones go, we're at a pretty good place, you know? I've had the same Chromebook for years now, without issue.
Feb 25, 2011
Anandtech definitely does Deep Dives, but their Apple coverage stopped when Anand left.

I like OS X for usability, but use mostly Linux at work. I'm kinda past caring what OS I have in front of me, as long as I can run Firefox and DOSBox.