Fit for Life 'diet'


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Nov 16, 1999
This is from a book I read a while back written by the Diamond husband and wife team. I'm pretty sure Suzanne Somers later stole this plan for her own. I know that it works because I used it and it did much more for me than exercise alone.

Here's the idea: Whatever you eat can be classified as protein, carbohydrate, or something in between. If you eat a meal that is protein, an enzyme is sent to your stomach to break it down. If you eat a meal that is carbo, a different enzyme is used. If you eat something that has both protein and carbo, both enzymes are used which neutralize each other. There the mess sits in your stomach for more than 8 hours rotting and contributing to your overweight condition.

The only problem, of course, is changing your eating habits. For example you can have a hot dog, but no bun. Or you can have 3 buns, but no hot dog. You can have rice, but not rice-a-roni. You can have pasta with tomato sauce, but no meatballs. You can have meatballs with tomato sauce, but no pasta. It's certainly easier to pick meals than the Atkins diet, however.

There are additional things you can do, also. Like exercising, which always helps. And eating only fruit in the morning until lunch time, what they call the 'elimination phase'.


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Jul 24, 2000
I've never heard that about your stomach sending different enzymes to break down protiens or carbs. If it was the case that they nutralize each other, then how do you digest food? Also, wouldn't that be a good diet because you would always feel full because you still have food in your stomach?