First time DSLR buyer. Leaning towards D5000!


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Nov 13, 2003
Yesterday, I took a trip to Best Buy and asked to look at some of the DSLR systems. I've had in my mind to grab a nice DSLR camera recently, and have been researching on the internet, checking prices and reviews. My price range: under $700 for the body and the first 18-55 lens. I've been partial to Sony because of all the use I've got out of my point-n-shoot. So I was hoping to be impressed with the a330.

As it turns out, I was most impressed with Nikon's D5000. Funny because I was thinking either Canon or Sony, before going in. I did like Canon's LCD screens the best. But the D5000 just *felt* best for me. The Live View on the D5000 is absolutely superb, with the way you can move around the screen at any angle. Sony's a330 only let's you slide the Live View up and down. Plus the a330 just 'felt' cheaper to me.

As a first time buyer, these DSLR systems take a ton of research! But maybe the biggest thing really is going in to a camera store, picking a few of them up and trying them out.

I'll continue to research and possibly take another trip to BB, but so far, the D5000 really made a positive impression. I will likely take a 2nd lens when finally deciding and making a purchase. Any comments or suggestions from experienced users?


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Mar 20, 2000
yup, picking it up is the biggest thing.

no idea why canon doesn't have a swivel LCD on the T1i. they've got the best tilt/swivel mechanism (them and olympus seem to have exclusive use of it). but it's only on the G11 right now.


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Aug 23, 2003