First overclocking experience - need advice and some instructions...


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Feb 2, 2001
Alright. I've used an OC'ed machine before, but this is my first time ever doing it myself. Here's the hardware I am using: AMD Duron 600, unlocked and previously tested over 1GHz stably, GlobalWin FOP38, and a PC Chips M807 board with the KT133 chipset. No matter what you think about PC Chips, do not post your opinion on it here - create your own thread, I don't care to hear about it. The board supports many FSB speeds, but I don't know how to set it to run faster than the 600MHz. I've already tested it, and it runs fine at 600. It uses an Award BIOS, so if there's a flash somewhere I can use to make it obvious how to overclock, I could sure use a link. Y'all just let me know what I need to know. Thanks a lot!

- Barefoot