First O/C attempt on Barton 2500 Desktop


May 26, 2004
Ok, taking my first stab at some OC action on a NON-mobile 2500.

From some reading I did last night, it seems at Vcore of 1.7 I should be able to get 11 * 200, but whenever I manually set it to that, it hangs and will not load windows.

I am able to change the multiplier so far from 11 to 12 x 166 to get 1.99. So it is unlocked I gather.

I use one stick of 512 Corsair(I think) value select, which I am pretty sure should be able to handle the 200 FSB. My mobo is an Asus A7V8X-X KT400 chipset. 350W generic PSU. I have 2 case fans aside from the PSU fan, and one on the vid card.

I read some other similar topics, but wanted to make sure I am wasting my time because of hardware incompatibility.

Would you suggest I up the voltage some to see if that will help? Perhaps just manually up the FSB in small increments to see how far I can go while remaining stable?

Also, is upping the multiplier to 12 from 11 relatively safe? It seems like the temp is pretty much the same.

Thanks in advance for the help. I am still in the learning process, but I am eager to learn!



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Sep 15, 2004
I think the biggest problem you will run into is the chipset... the KT400 isn't known for its overclockability-ness... however the nForce 2 is THE chipset to have with Socket A.... anyway, What is the VDimm set to? Additionally is this PC3200 Corsair or PC2700? Also if this is an older desktop Barton (if would have to be to be unlocked...) then the default voltage should be 1.65v so yes 1.7 should be sufficient to get to 200 FSB.

Upping in small increments is the usual way to go however I have always enjoyed picking a speed, trying to achieve it through any means (voltage adjustments, timings) if I can't hit it I back off about 5 MHz and try again from my previous working volts and timings..

Hopefully this helps and get back to me about the other stuff.