Question "First Boot Anxiety": And A Question About A Motherboard Feature


Jun 30, 2004
I've been building a system with old technology -- complicating an upgrade to Windows 11. I just had the spare parts. I'd been planning this since last year, but I am a caregiver for an elderly parent, almost overwhelmed with other things that take up my time. I finally got around to building the computer as a way of cleaning house and reducing the chaos of parts laying around.

So this is an ASUS workstation motherboard. It seems to be top-tier. Like top-tier boards, it has on-board power and reset buttons, a TPU switch, an EPU switch, a Mem-OK button, and a push-button for CLR-CMOS -- as opposed to a pair of pins that would be jumpered to perform that function.

It also has a switch called "EZ-XMP". The motherboard manual says: "Enable this switch to overclock the installed DIMMs, allowing you to enhance the DIMM's speed and performance."

Well, I have another system with the same chipset, without an "EZ-XMP" switch. You would simply go into BIOS and select the XMP mode, thus setting the spec latencies for "OC" RAM modules, and you would specify the spec speed -- in this case, DDR4-3200. As simple as that.

I'm building computers less frequently than I used to. I'm getting more cautious as I age -- and I am aging, alright. I think I have something I'd call "First-boot Anxiety".

It's as though I've got two voices in my head. One of these voices is like Neil Armstrong as depicted in "The Right Stuff". where he's peeing his pants in the space suit, and shouts impatiently "Let's light this candle!" And the other voice is like the NASA team, saying "OK. Let's go through the checklist for the console panel -- again."

Everything has been connected properly for a few days now. All the case-mods have been completed. I'm getting ready to fire it up and hopefully get into BIOS for the first time. And I'm thinking that I don't want this EZ-XMP switch "Enabled" yet.

What can you expect to happen if you enable the EZ-XMP switch? And why shouldn't I disable it initially? So I can light this candle?