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Firefox Hardware Survey Puts AMD Ahead Of NVIDIA In Terms Of GPU Market Share

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Sep 11, 2014
Firefox hardware report places AMD at 15%, NVIDIA at 14% and Intel in the lead at 65%

Steam Hardware has been one of the commonly used indicators of actual GPU market share and it looks like we have another data point to add to the usual commentary and a rather interesting one at that because it apparently contradicts Steam Hardware reports. Firefox Hardware Survey basically uses telemetry supplied by the browser to gauge the hardware that the audience is using

This approach (using a commonly used browser as opposed to a gaming platform) technically represents a bigger sample of the population considering not everyone uses steam (or is using one at the time the survey is created) and that the survey prompt seems to behave fairly eccentrically.

The GPU market share as reported by Firefox are as follows:

    • Intel’s integrated GPUs leading at a solid 65.39%.
    • AMD GPUs following at 15.40%
    • NVIDIA GPUs close behind at 14.167%
To put this into contrast, the latest October 2017 Steam hardware survey reports the following metrics:

    • NVIDIA GPUs at 81.4%
    • AMD GPUs much further behind at 10.84%
    • Intel iGPUs in the last at 7.54%
This represents a seeming contradiction in terms but one that could probably be partially explained by the survey methodologies (its sort of like comparing apples to oranges) and the target sample. Firefox Hardware Survey can reach all machines – including netbooks, laptops and windows tablets. Basically, it can reach the portion of the population that does not have steam installed (or did not have steam open at the time of the survey). This also represents machines that are not designed to be gamed-on in any way whatsoever, including work devices (everything needs a GPU!).

Heres the really interesting thing however. While Steam Hardware report has never correlated well with the JPR Market Share report released on a quarterly basis. This does, and very well at that. In fact, it correlates so well with the previously reported numbers that I would give this a much higher accuracy score than Steam Hardware. Why you ask? Because JPR’s market share report is one of the more reliable metrics out there and Firefox Hardware Report seems to be capable of tapping much of the same results on a weekly basis.


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