Finally overclocked my 3000+ winnie...


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Nov 1, 2004
well im building a second computer for my brother, he knows nothing about overclocking (he's 15). but i figured id be nice and buy myself a new proc (3200+ venice E3) and give him my old winnie. well i never really overclocked my winnie, gave it a shot but wasnt able to break 2.2ghz so i gave up and left it at stock. well now that i was replacing the chip i decided to give 1 last shot at overclocking it...i re applied silver 5 and booted her up...RESULTS i was so proud of my winnie i almost cried :(. 280 HTT, 2.520Ghz...

now the problem is, i have the 3200 venice coming on monday. i dunno how good of an overclock i can get. ive heard most ppl get around 2.5ghz. now which will perform better, 250fsb w/ a 10x multiplier. or 280 w/ a 9x multi. or will they be the same :X.

another question, im running a 166/200 mem divider now, 230 @ 2-3-3-7. would it be better to run a smaller divider like 150/200, 210 @ 2-2-2-7?


Jun 8, 2005
If using the divider and not overclocking the ram at all. 2.5 win and 2.5 venice will perform the same.