Finally. After almost a decade after reaching NYC, FiOS has reached the building of residence!!!

Amol S.

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Mar 14, 2015
Although it happened about 2 weeks ago, I only learned about it yesterday. Yesterday in the morning, my dad noticed that our cordless phone was showing "Line in use". We looked at all the phones in the home, and none were off the hook. My dad called Verizon customer service on his cell phone, as our home phone line runs on Verizon's copper wire network (POTS). The representative told us to disconnect all the phones, then wait for 1 minute before reconnecting just one phone and see if there is a dial-tone. There was still no dial-tone. Then the representative said they have placed a repair ticket for a repair personal to repair the issue tomorrow, (which is today).

Then the representative started talking about switching to FiOS. I went to brush my teeth then, while my dad continued to talk on the phone with the representative. I felt I knew my dad's response would be, "the building is not yet wired for FiOS, and the management only allows Charter Spectrum and RCN"( RCN came just about 4 months ago, while Time Warner was formerly the only option for the past 2 decades). Copper phone was available for only phone and internet as required by past laws.

Our current setup is the use of two service providers, Verizon (via copper wire POTS) for phone and DSL, and Spectrum for TV and internet as well. Basically we have two internet providers. We live in a rental apartment building in NYC.

After I finished brushing my teeth, I beard my father talking about choosing a FiOS plan. I was a bit perplexed, as I thought why would my dad be talking about a switch to FiOS, when we all knew how the building management and staff would not allow FiOS or Dish representatives on the property.

After making the appointment to install FiOS sometime next week and getting off the phone, I asked my dad why did he say yes to FiOS when the building has not yet been wired for it. My dad then told me and shhowed me flier that was distributed at the lobby of the building two weeks ago.

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We are getting rid of both the POTS copper Verizon and Spectrum.

On a side note, later that day before going to bed yesterday, we noticed the cordless phone no longer said "Line in use", but instead said "Home line not connected". We had connected all the phones after the phone call with the rep had ended, so this new thing that night was not at our end.


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Aug 25, 2001
How nice. (Allegedly, according to your story), your Verizon copper phone "just suddenly" stops working, right around the time that FIOS flyers were distributed.

Curious, isn't it?

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Nov 25, 2012
I thought a first world city like New York would have let it spread everywhere in 5 years.

Local counties have pretty already gone full FIOS where I'm at.