File Sharing in Win2K with NetBIOS over TCP/IP


Apr 10, 2001
I want to beef up security a bit.
3 Win2K SP2 PCs all connected to a Netgear 10/100 switch, connected to a DSL modem. I get 3 dynamic IPs, one for each machine. All three machines are running ZoneAlarm. I want to use windows file and printer sharing (and have internet access), so I have TCP/IP, and I've enabled NetBIOS over TCP/IP. All machines are in the same workgroup.

Everything works right now, but am I secure enough? Should I disable NetBIOS, and if I do, how can I use FAPS?

I've heard of using Scope ID to tighten security, but I can't find the option in Win2K. I've also heard there are better alternatives to NetBIOS for FAPS, including simply sharing over TCP/IP and disbaling NetBIOS if using all Win2K machines (which I am).