Question File repair on Western Digital Red drive


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Dec 28, 2013
Short: Any good cheap/free programs for Windows or Ubuntu system to repair/recover individual files?

Long: I'm transferring my media collection from a pair of Western Digital Red 4TB NAS drives to another set of drives. Of the several thousand files(2TB) I've done so far, about 10 files won't transfer. I've run a Windows scan disk and while some errors were found/repaired, these files escaped and the one file that alerted me to the issue didn't get repaired.

The drives are 3-4 years old each. The OS is Windows 2012 but I can put the drives to another system and run Ubuntu if needed.

I'm looking for a cheap/free method to repair these files since I can spend a bunch of time with original discs to recover. But an easy/automated method would be appreciated ;)