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Question Figuring out the Best Colour Preset to Watch a Movie on the DELL Monitor ?


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Feb 19, 2021
HI Guys,

I have the DELL ULTRASHARP U2419H Monitor. It has some In-Built Colour Presets and I am trying to figure out which is the ideal Colour PreSet to watch a Movie in it. So anyone having the same Monitor or any other DELL Ultrasharp MOnitor please feel free to chip in :)

The Dell Ultrasharp Series Monitor has these Colour settings as in-built in the Monitor which the user can select from to view the Dispay on the Monitor. They are
  • Standard
  • Comfort
  • Multiscreen Match
  • Movie
  • Game
  • Color Temp
  • Custom Colour

I prefer generally Cooler Tone not the warm one's The Kind of Display Apple Devices have. Like watching a Movie on the 16" rMBP is so surreal !! It is Mind Blowing the Display is so Glorious !! So I have the Apple Macbook Pro Display as a Benchmark in terms of Display and I am trying to figure out what would be the closest Colour Preset in the DELL U2419H Monitor that will comes close to the Apple Macbook Displays.

This Monitor does have an in-built Movie Preset which comes in-built in it. But I dont know, I am not sure, I may be wrong here, but I feel
with the Movie Preset hough the Picture appears very bright in it, but I feel the White balance is increased too much in this Preset and for me the Colours Appear Washed Out for e.g. People's Skin Colours, Colours of Objects like Cars, Things etc...appear a little washed out !!

So I use the Standard or the Multi-Screen Preset to watch the Movie. But I have got someone in the family who says with the Standard and MultiScreen Preset the Display is a lot warmer and hence a lot of Yellowish feel to it. I am confused what do you guys make out of the Colour Preset ? which is the best in your opinion to watch a Movie on the U2419H Monitor ?

Anyone who can help me decide ? :)
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