FIC AU13 & AMD XP 2600+ (333fsb) post problems-overheating??


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Jan 11, 2001
i have a serious problem, other then i purchased this combo at i have been trying to 2 days to get this combo to post, and finally i was able to do it (i have never had this type of problem before). i had to connect the 4pin pentium power connector along with the normal power connector to the MB, and finally it posted. i am using PNY PC2700 memory (i dont want to overclock). i went into the bios and set the FSB to 166, and rebooted. i put in my windows xp cd, and waited to reboot. well, the computer shut down on it own, and a little light on the mother board was light, it was a thermal protection light. cant find any info in the FIC manual, but i assume that the CPU was cooking. i am using a Retail version, with its included heatsink and fan. the heatsink was very hot to the touch.
since i purchased this as a bundle, i assumed that the combo would work together. i went on the FIC web site, and looked that the capatibility list for this MB, and the XP2600+ (333fsb) was excluded from it. the 266 version was on there, and many other 333fsb processors, but not the XP2600+(333fsb). i have never cooked a processor, and dont want to start now, so am i doing anything wrong? or are the process and thermal temp sensor not working together properly? meaning, although the unit seems to running really hot, is that normanl for a cpu running at 333fsb (really 166).


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Jan 17, 2001
I don't know if this is normal but I had the same issue with the same board and a xp2200. It just kept saying it was overheating, even if I left it for an hour, came back and hit the power switch. I tried the cpu in other machines with good results. I took the MB back and exchanged it and all seems well.......'til crashed again and I just have to wait and see what is going to happen later.

The CPU temps max out at about 41c with a volcanoe 7+ and with a coolermaster aero 7 according to the bios.


Jan 23, 2003
i have been reading nf mb from user and reivews and finally come down to the fic au13. I like the look of this board mainly for the nice lay out and also the sound is plus. does anyone have positive result with the board. i would like to get it from newegg but not sure if the newegg one have the latest stepping cause i want 200 fsb. so convice me to stay away from the au13


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Dec 23, 2002
I've always had the best of luck with FIC motherboard. Not to mention that their drivers are usually pretty stable.


Jul 8, 2003
FIC AU13 Nforce2

Trust me, U WANT THIS BOARD, fic really did good on this board, ill tell u what I did with it in a sec, but first, heres what caught my eye, it has 6 2.0 usb ports, 3 1394 ports, onboard lan and audio, supports dual channel ram, and serial ata hard drives, but heres the good thing, it OC'S well, wel for me it has, I bought a GOOD stick of ram, finally, the corsair CXM512-2700C2 cs2 ram, for $100, and a Barton 2500+, runs stock at 33mhz fsb, andat 1.8ghz, but I have it oc'ed EASILY to 364 mhz fsb, and cpu speed is at 2.1 ghz a 11.5x multiplier, so I do suggest this board, btw, it is Nforce 2