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Question Few networking connectivity (windows firewall) questions with regards to virtualization


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Jun 6, 2008
Hi to all,

I'm running Vmware pro and VirtualBox in my main machine at home. I'm building a small pentesting lab plus some other cool stuff you do with VMs and I came across few questions. Supposedly if you run a VM inside Vmware or VirtualBox with the setting of the network adapter set to bridge mode, then it will just be like a new physical machine connected to your router and it will get an ip address from the DHCP server running on the router. And if this is the case, each machine should be able to ping the other machine no problems. This is my understanding and this is how it has always been. However, sometimes it just doesn't happen. One machine will ping the other but not vice versa. I found one culprit though. It is the windows firewall. It seems like it blocks pings by default ( is that right?) and you will either have to turn it off or add a rule to allow ping requests. How come windows firewall blocks pings? I found that to be weird ! How is someone supposed to troubleshoot connectivity issues between dozens of machines? By the way, this is not always the case. Sometimes even if you turn off the firewall it wont still ping. I found that sometimes you need to mess with the virtual network editor settings in Vmware to fix issues. I also find this to be weird because default options in Vmware and Virtualbox should allow pinging both ways. One more thing, if windows firewall blocks pings by default, then why my main machine (the actual host) is pingable from all machines (either physical or VM) even though the firewall is turned on? I don't remember adding a rule to allow incoming ping requests!

Did you guys face similar issues? What's your comments?