Federal Marshals at my House.

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Jan 11, 2002
can you be sent to jail for skinning and eating illegal immigrants? They weren't supposed to be here anyway.


Aug 31, 2001
Originally posted by: FelixDeKat
Why couldnt the 911 hijackers have done something stupid to get deported?

We are too lenient on illegals from all over the world.

Round 'em up and send 'em home. Send them ALL home.

i dont think the 911 hijackers were illegal. they too organized to pull stupid $h!t like that. wish they had though :|


Dec 26, 2001
Originally posted by: Rilescat
can you be sent to jail for skinning and eating illegal immigrants? They weren't supposed to be here anyway.

Now are you eating the skin? That's an important part of this activity.


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Aug 7, 2003
Thats the irony, some of the 911 hijackers were CITIZENS, educated and naturalized here. The legality of an immigrant has nothing to do with his likelihood of being a terrorist. I think if you are cunning enough to pull off 911, you are smart enough to bypass the INS.


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Dec 14, 1999
i'm glad everything worked out ok for you, i was afraid that maybe that came back and did something to your house.

i dont mind illegal people here, but they should at least be respectful and be grateful for the opportunity to be here while they can. the bad apples can return home.

btw, i think either georgia and alabama have high influxes of illegal immigrants because a lot of slaughterhouse/meat processing plants are there (i.e. tyson, ibp). we'll always have lax immigration laws as long as corporations are lax about who they hire.


Sep 2, 2002
wow .. well it's kinda like cheating. If you cheat, then cheat. But don't do alot to draw attention to yourself.


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Nov 18, 1999
Originally posted by: Ulfwald
A couple of weeks ago some hispanic construction workers decided to use my backyard as their bathroom, It is heavily wooded, but you can still se through the entire property from my back deck, and windows. Well, when I saw these guys dropping trow and proceeding to deposit wolf bait in my woods, I called the local law enforcement. Well, it must have been a slow day because the local sheriff's deputy rolled up in my driveway in about 5 minutes. He took a report and while we were walking into the woods so I could show him the evidence, another guy decided to drop trow, hunker down and start his own deposit. The police officer yelled at him, and the guy yaked up his pants and took off back up to the house they were all working on.

The cop decided right then and there that there were too many of them for him to handle alone, he called it in to dispatch and they said to take report, get descriptions and my information. I honestly thought that nothing would happen after that.............................until last night.

I got home about 8:00 pm to find a federal marshal getting ready to leave. He stopped on the way down the steps and asked me if I was the home owner. We went inside the house where he took my statement, and then informed me that they had arrested many of the workers there, not for public defacation, but for being here without proper visas.

My goal was not to have hard working people just trying to make a living, but to get them to stop using my backyard as their toilet.

And before any of you start crying "RACIST B@ST@RD" because i mentioned that they were hispanic in the beginning, let me point out that the only reason i mentioned they are hispanic is because of how this turned out. If they had been Irish and illegally in this country, I would have still mentioned that they were Irish.

Seems like you go to great lengths not to step on anyone's toes in this post. I guess people just love to miscongrue what others say.