Fear and Loathing in Southern Florida

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Oct 9, 1999
Here are the raw numbers from abcnews.com (which seems to have the most comprehensive coverage -- rather impressive as far as figures are concerned):

Palm Beach County:

Gore -- 269,696
Bush -- 152,954
Buchanan -- 3,407

So, 269,696 voters were able to correctly decipher which hole corresponded to Gore?

One aspect that has confused me: They are numerous reports of how 19,000 ballots were discarded for having more than one hole punched. Has ANYONE come forward saying that they did that? I haven't seen a single account from anyone that has claimed to have punched two holes. Has anyone seen anything? If there are 19,000 people, you'd think someone would be mentioned by the national media since they have reported dozens of people claiming that they KNOW (how, I'm not sure) that they voted for Buchanan instead of Gore. None that say they hit it twice (if they did, then they bear the burden for correcting the mistake, which is patently obvious, mind you -- it's also not been reported which two holes were punched as it could very well be that they voted for Bush and Gore as a statement).