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FC-PGA733EB v 700/750E/Win2K


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Jan 27, 2000
I ordered an "E" chip from Directron (good price, great service BTW) but received a 733 EB instead.
Am currently running 500E at 750 (5x150) rock stable in Win98 in Tyan 1854s. Put the 733 EB in a dual boot machine and found it will run only at default in Win2K...but up to 825+ in Win 98.
Question is: will I be better off sticking with reliable 733EB at default or returning it for a 700/750 E and hoping it will o/c in a manner acceptable to Win2K? Bigger Question: concensus -is the reluctance to support o/cing in Win2K an OS issue or a mainboard issue? Has someone run 2K successfully significantly O/C? I mean with real applications and stress on the system, not just paper or e-benchmarks?


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Oct 11, 1999
definitely get yourself a 700e....
a cB0 one costs around 260 and you'd have a VERY good chance of hitting 900+... mine is running 973@1.75v w/ only golden orb cooling
here are a couple of vendors that carry them specifically:
www.cpusforless.com <-that is where i got mine... fast shipping


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Oct 11, 1999
I'd go w/the &quot;E&quot; because w/the FSB already at 133mhz, it's going to have a lot less FSB selection and will be putting extra stress on the Rams when overclocking. You'll get a better offer for an &quot;E&quot; chip when you eventually want to &quot;upgrade&quot; it.
The OS has very little to do w/overclocking as long as the system and all the parts are stable. If it starts to develop problems then most likely it isn't stable to begin with and not the fault of the OS installed. The &quot;reluctance&quot; to overclocking would be caused by: CPU (cooling), motherboard, Rams and other peripherals that can't handle the extra stress well. &quot;It's only as strong as its weakest link.&quot;
I haven't personally overclocked a 700e yet because the one I'm using is a loaner but I'll definitely will once mine gets here. I have 600e + 550e overclocked to 133fsb running Win2K and I haven't had any problems in the past few months. I don't do much w/them other than: software DVD players, &quot;rip&quot; DVD to VCD, burn CDs, digitizing (punching) designs, a little Photoshop practices, few games- Q3, UT, etc.., video conferences, MP3s, SETI, Prime95, large file transfer through LAN, etc... and what ever else but no hick ups so far.